About Yilin Press, Ltd
Founded in 1988, Yilin Press, Ltd. is one of the few professional translation publishers in China. Presently its publications include translations of foreign literature and social sciences, bilingual dictionaries, foreign language textbooks and references, academic treatises on foreign literature and linguistics, as well as foreign language translations of Chinese culture and literature. With its professional editors and qualified translators of English, French, German, Russian, Japanese, Spanish, and Italian, Yilin Press, Ltd publishes over 800 titles every year. Yilin Press, Ltd also publishes translations of Chinese fiction and non-fiction books in English and some other languages. Yilin Press, Ltd has sustained a 70% reprint rate and has achieved an annual sales volume of 570 million RMB (over 85 million US dollars). Yilin Press, Ltd is a frequent winner of various book awards, book design awards and printing quality awards.

Since its founding, Yilin Press, Ltd has been committed to introducing “first-class writers, first-class works through first-class translations”. It stresses culture building by introducing world classics and contemporary works to Chinese readers. According to the data provided by Openbook Data Ltd, “Yilin Classics” is one of the largest series of world literature in China in terms of the number of works available and total sales volume. Chinese writers consider “Modern Classics” to be a series that enlightens Chinese readers by filling a gap in works available to Chinese readers. “Humanities and Society Series” and “Yilin Biographies” have established their brand names. “Yilin Contemporaries” also enjoys great popularity among a vast reading audience. Due to their great influence, some of the bestsellers such as Ulysses, A la cherche du temps perdu, The Lord of Rings, My Life have become legends in Chinese publishing industry.

Since its initial issue in 1979, Translations, the brand leader periodical of foreign literature in China, has won the National Periodical Award three times in a row. Recent Development in Foreign Literature and Contemporary Foreign Literature, published jointly by Yilin Press, Ltd and other institutes such as Foreign Literature Institute of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, has established its theoretical value and has been praised for its high academic standards. English New Century is Yilin’s monthly English study magazine. Yilin Press, Ltd also produces the Chinese edition of UNESCO’s Museum International.

Yilin Press, Ltd will maintain its advantage as a professional translation publisher, enhance its international cooperation, and present Chinese readers and foreign readers with the best and latest works.

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